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Job recruitment

Overseas Sales Department

1. Regional manager, 10 Person

Job description:

In accordance with the overseas regional division of company, responsible for selling monitoring product by exhibitors, visiting customers and e-commerce platform.


★ Bachelor degree, no major limited

★At least CET-6, good oral and written English

★ More than 2 years overseas experience in sales, security product sales experience is preferred

★ Proactive, able to stand the pressure of work and a long period of time
2. Dep. vice manager, 1 Person

Job description:

Responsible for the administration of overseas sales, team building, optimize workflow, and improve the efficiency of departmental operations


★ Bachelor degree, below 35 years

★ At least CET-6, good oral and written English

★ More than 7 years experience, of which at least 2 years of foreign trade management job experience

★ Familiar with the difference between kinds of payment methods and modes of transport

★ Comprehensive understanding of team building, process optimization
3. Sales Director, 1 Person

Job description:

Responsible for managing domestic sales team, promote brand, and complete sales target


★ At least bachelor degree, below 40 ages

★ More than 8 years equipment / electronic products sales experience, including more than 3 years of security products sales management

★ Deep understanding of brand building, sales team management, and channel pioneering
4. Engineering Department

Sales Support Engineer ,10 Person

Job description:

Responsible for technical training the sales team and customer, solve the problem of customers


★ At least college education, electronic / automated / computer science major

★ Familiar with the composition and characteristics of the video surveillance products

★ Security system installation and commissioning of 2 years relevant experience